How to Contribute

EITHER: If you see a Call for Contributions that suits you, please submit an abstract of 600 – 1200 characters (including spaces) in time for the deadline. The abstract should answer

who the contribution is aimed at
what the topic is and what research question or practical problem is being addressed
what the current state of knowledge is (preferably with some references)
what are the most important findings to be conveyed in the paper
how these findings are to be substantiated
If accepted, the paper should be 3000 to 6000 characters long. Exceptions to this rule are possible, but should be announced in the abstract.

OR: If you would like to write an article on a specific topic or have already written one and it fits well on our platform SocietyByte, then send it to us and we will contact you. In very special cases, we will publish contributions that do not fit any call. However, we will normally publish a compelling paper with the next appropriate topic focus.

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