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The Swiss electronic identity

Switzerland is a federation of the Confederation, cantons and municipalities. Federated systems correspond to the character of Switzerland. The federal law on electronic identity should take into account the interests of the cantons and municipalities and treat them equally. In this article, expert Hubert Rötzer contrasts the federalist approach with the centralist model preferred today. […]


What if the AHV number became an email address?

Digital identity is particularly important in official communication with authorities. Our guest author and President of the Conference of Cantonal Compensation Offices (KKAK) Andreas Dummermuth writes about his everyday life at the compensation office in the canton of Schwyz and future security solutions in authorities Social security is the most expensive infrastructure in Switzerland. Not […]


Self-Sovereign Identities – Will we control our identity ourselves in the future?

In the real world we can identify ourselves easily and securely, but in the virtual world we still cannot. For digital identification, there are now several variants, but not always satisfactory. Now, self-sovereign identity seems to be gaining acceptance. Our author, BFH researcher Gerhard Hassenstein, explains what it has over the other concepts. Decentralised identities […]


Secure identities are needed for the trust of customers

Isolated, centralised or decentralised – here, two researchers from BFH Technik und Informatik compare the advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions for identification Identity management refers to processes and services that deal with the collection, administration and use of electronic identities. An electronic identity management system must find the right balance between user-friendliness, security […]


February issue: About digital identities

It has become a matter of course in our daily lives to chat, make phone calls, shop, watch videos and listen to music via smartphone. Use is only limited by the battery level of the smartphone or the network coverage of the mobile phone provider. At the same time, there is a growing desire among […]


How companies handle electronic business processes securely

The expansion of the Swissdec information platform places new security requirements on the identification and authentication of participating companies. The Swissdec Enterprise Authentication (SUA) comprises the processes for registration, configuration as well as renewal and revocation, which allow a company to obtain a Swissdec Enterprise Certificate and thus make the data exchange secure and binding. […]