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Password-free login procedures as a key player in digital transformation

PSD2 and Open Banking open up new possibilities in the digital transformation of banking. A promising approach here is FIDO, which offers strong yet user-friendly authentication mechanisms. And is applicable to many other areas, our authors write. The Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) requires banks in the EU to offer interfaces for accessing customer accounts. […]


Digitisation Monitor 2019 – How policy-makers position themselves on digitisation

Digitalisation is a major challenge for politics: Citizens, but also the economy and science expect forward-looking decisions in this regard. Against this background, the Institute Public Sector Transformation (IPST) of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, together with the Universities of Zurich and Geneva, the online election aid “smartvote” and the ICT and online industry […]


The Federal Administration is aligning its human resources strategy with the digital transformation

The Federal Administration’s personnel strategy 2020-2023 is all about digitalisation. With the two focal points of “shaping digital transformation” and “gaining and developing competencies”, staff are being prepared for the profound changes of digital transformation, writes our guest author Jorge Kühni, the Vice Director of the Federal Personnel Office. The new strategy continues to build […]


“The public sector needs more dialogue and less garden-variety thinking”

In order for the public sector in Switzerland to really take off digitally, there needs to be a cultural change in which all those involved have to overcome the “garden-variety thinking” that often still prevails. Thefederal government, cantons and municipalitiesinparticular should network more closely beyond their borders, says e-government expert Alain Gut, Director of Public […]


“We don’t just need a technology debate, but above all a socio-political debate”

The political structures in Switzerland can have a blocking effect on the topic of eGovernment. In an interview with Benedikt Würth, Finance Director of St. Gallen and President of the Conference of Cantonal Governments, we discussed what is important when it comes to institutional reforms. We have seen that the joint report of the Federal […]