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Linked Open Data for Smart Cities? New developments from the research perspective

Almost all cities that call themselves a smart city or want to become one also have a strategy on Open Data and often publish relevant data on their own portals. The reason for this is especially the promotion of data-based innovations by third parties. Linked Data is not very widespread so far. However, trends towards […]


September issue: An ecosystem is essential for the establishment of smart cities

A few years ago, the MIT scientist Otto Scharmer coined the expression or rather the demand“from ego-system to eco-system”. He was referring primarily to macroeconomic aspects and postulated that in order to master today’s major challenges (climate change, poverty, financial crisis, etc.), a change in thinking was necessary: away from a focus on one’s own […]


Management tools for the federal state

Only a few organisations systematically use today’s possibilities of information and communication technologies (ICT) to support management processes. Politics and administration also find it difficult to do so. Developers at the BFH Centre “Digital Society” want to change this. From the student project .. The Institute for ICT-Based Management ICTM is one of the institutes […]