About us

SocietyByte is a networking platform for knowledge and expertise relating to the digital transformation of business, government and society. It is the online magazine of the BFH Centre for Digital Society. We publish articles and multimedia content describing problems or presenting solutions. It is important to us to be able to hear from as many relevant disciplines as possible. We are of course also interested in the three “classic” related perspectives: technology, organisation and law. However, we are also interested in perspectives from social science (such as economy, ethnology, sociology and the question of the ideal state), perspectives directly relating to people as individuals (such as psychology and medicine), historical points of view and philosophical reflection. This also includes subjects fundamental to digital transformation, such as anthropology/biology. And of course, “alternative perspectives” from the arts are also included.

Our aim is to create a two-way bridge between top-level research and practice by publishing contributions and promoting discussion of their content. We understand practice to include government and politics, just as much as business.

It is important to us that the papers published provide relevant content, that they clearly state their connection to the real world and that the technical viewpoint in reflects these connections. We are open to almost anything, particularly to new forms of presentation. For example, contributions showing the work of researchers are very welcome. As well as sending us the results of your research, send us your travel reports from the country where the research took place – as text or as a multimedia file. Contribute!

Warmest regards
the SocietyByte Team!