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How a 3D printer “cooks” food for sick children

Malnutrition in hospitalised children is a major problem. That’s why the Bern University of Applied Sciences, together with the Fribourg University of Applied Sciences, is developing a process in which high-calorie drinkable food can be printed into personalised and attractive pancakes. Cables, pumps, displays: the room doesn’t look like a kitchen. But in this lab […]


ChatGPT: an oracle, a doctor or a joker? – Ethical boundaries of different tools usage

ChatGPT is not a perfect, but effective tool for working with information. But a higher level of anxiety is justified by the emergence of apps (Voicemod, Free AI voice cloning) that replace real facts, and open up wide prospects for manipulation. Will the defeat of technology-rooted society in ethical challenges lead to a digital dictatorship? […]


Humane Digital Transformation: Towards a human-centered digitalization

Digital technologies are changing the way we live and work with consequences that are difficult to assess. The Bern University of Applied Sciences is committed to ensuring that technology is developed, used and regulated in such a way that it serves our vision of a just society and puts people’s needs at the centre. To […]


A Primer on Explainable AI for Natural Language Processing  

Major breakthroughs in AI are accelerating the adoption of AI-driven tools in industry, research, and government. However, the reasoning process of modern AI models occurs in a black box. In this article we explore techniques developed to mitigate this problem in the domain of NLP.  Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to the field of techniques […]